Would YOU Help Provide a
Christmas Meal

Christmas is a jolly giggly joyful season for children around the world!

The anticipation of gifts, the excitement of hot chocolate and family gatherings brings great joy to many kids.

However, for children living in impoverished communities, there is no anticipation of this joyful season, infact it causes depression and to these kids, it’s a season they want to pass by quickly.

YOU have an opportunity to change this trajectory for a medical child, an orphan and other kids living in Uganda’s impoverished communities.


By donating $25, you can provide a nutritious, heartwarming Christmas meal for a medical child who has gone through the year of medical challenges and is awaiting to celebrate this joyful giggly season with other kids. Additionally, this $25 will also provide 1 bag (10kg) of flour, 1 long bar of soap, sugar, and a Christmas package to last each child for a month.

We desire to feed 1,000 children a Christmas Meal, you can choose to feed either 5 kids, 10, 50, or even choose to feed 100 kids.

Christmas meal Plus 1Bag (10kg) Flour

  • $25 Feeds 1 child
  • $250 Feeds 10 children
  • $2,500 Feeds 100 Children

Last Year’s Christmas Meal