With little to no financial support due to their economic and social status, many orphans and underprivileged kids suffer medical burdens arising from diverse illnesses. We specialize in providing FREE rarely accessible medical support to children whose bodies need urgent medical care yet whose pockets lack the financial ability to save their lives leaving their wellbeing at risk with no access to medical support, hence dying prematurely from very preventable causes.

They are seen. They are valued.

Medical Camps

With high rates of orphans and widows, our PKF Medical Camps and community health outreaches are geared towards providing medical support to rural communities to foster preventative measures because prevention is better than cure.

These Medical Mission trips are greatly enriched by both Medical and Non-Medical Volunteers (Local and International)

We take Doctors, Nurses, Enterprenuers and other Non-Medical Well-wishers who give of their time and expertise to travel to Uganda and other African Countries with PKF to serve in medical camps as well as Enterprenuership trainings.

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Some of Our Medical Children

Christine - Before

Two months before we met her in May 2021, Christine had started developing a mass in her mouth that was aggressively growing and deforming her face. An Orphan, staying with only her grandmother, they lacked the financial help to get her the urgent medical care she needed.

Christine - After

Thankful to our dedicated PKF Donors, we immediately took her for a biopsy which revealed an aggressively growing Burkitt tumor. Chemotherapy was immediately started at Mulago Cancer Institute and her body responded very well, the tumor reduced immediately revealing her beautiful and irresistible SMILE.

Marvin - Before

At 12 years old, Marvin was looking for rat poison to kill himself, tired of the bullying and painful swelling caused by fluid back up due to an infected kidney filtration system. In September 2019, when they brought him to our PKF Medical camp, he was immediately rushed to an intensive care unit in the capital city, 4 days later and $375 later, he was completely transformed, no more fluid overload, no more pains, and able to breathe better.

Marvin - After

He is now directly sponsored by a PKF volunteer for his ongoing chronic treatment and he is happily back in school.

Sadat - Before

For 13 years, over 35 litres of fluid was building up in his stomach due to a congenital chronic Liver illness that caused Liver malfunction

Sadat - After

He has been under PKF since November 2019 requiring lifetime medical support. He is now able to breathe better, sleep better without back cracking pains due to fluid overload from the extended belly.

We collaborate with other healthcare providers and conduct Massive Medical Camps and Outreaches under the program “BEYOND Medical Missions”. These are aimed at reaching underserved communities with quality Medical services and preventative awareness thus bridging health gaps in many lives.

We bring teams of volunteers to Uganda to serve in our Annual Medical Camps as well as educate on disease prevention under the theme “Prevention is better than cure” where we teach communities diverse preventative measures and how to better their health.